About Horny Randy

So what’s the fucking point of this site?

Well, basically this whole thing was started by a clueless dumbass who just happens to really like porn and wanted an excuse to watch it even more. HornyRandy.com has been through countless iterations as I learned the ins and outs of running an adult oriented website. At one or more points this site has been a porn directory, an adult video sharing site and a pornsite review site, but none of them panned out because as anyone can tell you it’s too much fucking work!  The idea was to have fun and make enough money to support a few of the adult memberships, not stay up all night writing code. That’s what I do in the real world and I like it, but I just want to watch porn and write about people fucking.

So that’s just what you’re going to find here. Horny Randy babbling about my favorite porn videos and reviewing my favorite pornsites. A few friends are joining in the fun too so you will be hearing from them too. About pretty much whatever the fuck we want to talk about, but mostly about our love of porn.

Yeah sure asshole, what about the the Ads and Affiliate links?

Yeah we threw in a few advertisements and affiliate links here and there, but we’ll keep them out of the way. No tricks, spam or bullshit. We’re not in this to get rich, but we gotta support our porn habits somehow? We won’t send you anywhere that sucks either. Any ad or link should take you somewhere cool and worth your time unless one of my dickhead friend fucks up and posts the wrong thing. If so,  just send me a message and we’ll fix it.

I hope you enjoy our site,
Horny Randy